Welcome to BEST TIMBER Polska  

Peace, comfort and security


We put our whole heart to serve people as much as we are able to provide. 

- Expect to provide the service of equitable remuneration, not the highest profits from trade. 


- Do whatever we can that every zloty received from the customer translated into value, quality and satisfaction.


- Continuously improve yourself, partners and employees to provide services in an even more intelligent way. 


- Reward people in your company by participating in your company's profits. 


- Check each strategy, method and activity for their consistency with what is fair and righteous.



"Too many business people argue that they are "the best." Too many advertising companies claim that their "amazing" products or services are "the best." They adhere to the theory that to convince people, you have to boast.


We know that trust can be gained by showing that you are a human being. It means that it is not always the best, the wisest and most stunning."

KVH beams
Structural wood glued longitudinally "KVH"   Longitudinally glued wood is a machine-sorted product in terms of strength and dried in the drying chambers of 15% +/-3% humidity. The wood is glued to the fingerboards longitudinally, thanks to machining and low humidity, the...
Wood Glued Layered - Available From Hand Up 24m Lengths
Gluled Laminated Timber Glued Laminated Timber Girdles Our Brand, Your Benefits   QUALITY STANDS FROM THE FACTORY Speed is the strength of Best Timber Polska and is of prime importance as for the short terms of investment implementation. Quick...