Ceiling Elements


Thanks to finished ceiling elements, you ceiling can be done in 3 Hours.


The advantages of the ceiling elements are visible to the naked eye. The main advantage is the speed of assembly, and thus the particilar economic efficiency.

The factory-installed internal thread under the mounting hook allows quick and easy installation. The ceiling can be walked immediately after the installation in complete.

At the same time, it is not related to any compromises in terms of quality, applicability and stability. Floor elements provide excellent aesthetics from the bottom. Depending on the application, they can also serve as a visible ceiling.

Stops made of glued laminated boards make the inside of the room comfortable and also make the confortable climate of the space. Laying the installation - also does not cause any problems at a later date.

Fire Characteristics

With the corresponding Ceiling Elements reach the class of the fire resistance F30 B or F60 B.



Accurate folding and deformation resistance

High static strength

Fast assembly

Simple machining

Load capacity immediately after assembly

Less weight than concrete ceiling

Optimal thermal insulation



  • single and multi-family housing

  • industrial and economic objects

  • municipal and recreational facilities (school, kindergardens, sports halls)

  • agricultural construction

  • engineering (bridges)

  • renovation and reconstruction


Sample Ceiling Elements

Ceiling Elements can be fitted with internal scraw thread. It allows to install the mounting hook on the construction site.