Certified Cast Wood Construction C24

Certifed Cast Wood Construction C24

The offer is particulary addressed to:

 manufacturers of frame construction,

 manufacturers of prefabricated roof trusses


For more than 6 years in the industry, our oerfection is based on experience and the highest modern technology. Thanks to the use of unique features of scandinavian wood, we can offer products of exceptional quality and character.

Best Timber Polska bases its success on the uniqueness of its raw material selection, coming from the Nordic forests only. Slowly growing spruce and pine forests in the northern regions are known in particular for their high quality structural features that are important for OUR CUSTOMERS. Long winters create dense jars that make THE WOOD HARD, DURABLE AND RESISTANT.

Brand of Best Timber Polska as a supplier of construction timber recent years has become known as a GUARANTEE of consistent high quality on the Polish market as well as internationally market.


Siberian spruce C24 in lengths 6m available at hand - for more information JOIN HERE >>> or be welcome to contact on phone or r-mail

Constructed Wood C24 - Certified


- Spruce wood 

- Class C24

- Humidity 18 +/- 3%

- Four-sided planed, chamfered edges

- Packed with foils

- Nominal computing size

- Standard lengths: 1,8/2,1/2,4/2,7/3,0/3,3/3,6/3,9/4,2/4,5/4,8/5,1/5,4/5,7/6,0m

Standard dimensions

Thickness / Width 75 100 125 150 175 200 225 250
47 X X X X X X X  
50   X X X X X X X
63   X X X X X X X
75   X X X X X X X


If you have questions, please contatc us >>>

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e-mail: kontakt@besttimberpolska.pl


In our offer we also have wood profiled like paneling, terrace board, etc. >>